Free web hosting in Zimbabwe and the $1 domain name

A lot has changed in Zimbabwe regarding the tech infrastructure. Things are getting into shape and tech companies in Zim are making huge strides- at least some of them. There is probably alot going on in the tech industry as a whole but let us focus on web services sector. This sector is pretty slow judging from the statistics but the steps that are being made locally are consistent. You probably know about GoDaddy and Bluehost. Those are international giants! Which local one’s do you know?

If you do some googling, a dozen come up. There is x and y then z and others. Most of these local web service companies are not reliable at all and some of their control panels look like they are from World War 1. They are so bad you get demotivated- some of the web service providers in Zimbabwe commercialise free control paneland looks awful and hasnt been upgraded since 2000. Frustrating.

But things are changing, they are looking good. Like the GoDaddy $1 domain, you can get $1 domain from Tremhost in Zimbabwe.

Like ad-less free web hosting, you can get free web hosting from in Zimbabwe.

Like other notable web hosting providers, you can get 24/7 customer support from Tremhost.

It seems like the basic things we used to fight for are becoming the norm in Zimbabwe and that is a step forward. It is a huge step ahead. Five years from now we will be looking as a competitive local web hosting market.

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